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New Automation Software InstallationsAudits and Reports

The process of creating a software automation strategy for your organisation can be difficult and time consuming. The implementation of these strategies can be even more intense. The team at Efficientia Solutions has been dealing with these challenges for many years and have developed processes and methods to most efficiently implement automation software solutions. Many of these implementations face rapidly moving goal posts based upon changing business requirements.

Understanding the manufacturing environment helps EfficientIA to provide solutions that allow for just these situations.

EfficientIA can provide consulting on system design in conjunction with your team through to the implementation, go live and support.

This includes technology selection like virtualisation, terminal services, cloud, tablets and more, as well as operational aspects of the implementation.

These can be from single computer data collection devices for quality systems through to multifaceted data collection for end-to-end processes that touch all aspects of the business.

Audits and Reports

At some stage, most businesses will have the prospect of having to understand their software installations. Theses software installations will have taken place
over many years, in some cases a couple of decades. Historical decisions on selection of software and methods of plant operation were correctly selected
at the time but have since been superseded by changes in regulations, security models and technology. Not to mention the ever increasing pressure of continuous efficiency improvement.

Efficientia Solutions can provide audits against current:

  • Technology – existing ‘state of play’ of your installation
  • Functional Operation – identify the mode of operation being used (i.e. paper vs paperless, etc)
  • Recommendations – identify the gap against the latest industry best practices and a roadmap to achieve same.