Services - EfficientIA Customer Care Program


Effective training strategies can assist businesses to maximise the skills in their operational and technical staff. Efficientia Solutions can provide training services in various forms.

These can be:


  • Preparation of documents to be used in operator training manual – training given by the business staff
  • Classroom training based upon content developed by EfficientIA


  • System configuration and maintenance – for admin
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting – for maintenance technicians

Advanced Users

  • Use of reporting tools and report clients to enable advanced users to conduct ad-hoc investigation.

System and Operations Support

Things can go wrong. When they do it’s good to have someone to call. EfficientIA can provide support services that are catered to your needs. These based upon complementing your internal support staff and processes.

Efficientia Solutions can be your first call for operations staff, used as a triage escalation partner or to actively conduct break fix support.

Better still, EfficientIA also provides a proactive process of monitoring your servers, down to the applications.

These services are conducted remotely. All this can be done up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a 15 minute response time based upon a call back system.

Software Change Management

Two things are known.

  • Manufacturing and processing plants will always be changing
  • These changes become increasingly complex as each subsequent change compounds.

The initial implementation of software in a manufacturing plant for industrial automation plays a significant part in the organisation’s ability to absorb changes into their IT systems. It paves the way for success or failure.

Of course, success can be achieved with an increasing large budget. The cost of ownership increases until the system becomes legacy.

A correctly implemented system will allow for the absorption of changes in a fast and effective manner with little risk to production.

The change management process can then be effectively used to enforce these standards and protect the organisation’s investment in their systems.

EfficientIA has experience in dealing with legacy systems and maximising the life of existing software. Better still, providing software solution that fits correctly on day one.

Solution Investment Protection

Having a great automation software solution for your business doesn’t stop with the implementation.

Ongoing changes and improvements in technology can be applied to businesses to improve efficiency. These can be implemented incrementally to provide small but meaningful gains to business.

The dynamic nature of cyber security dictates that security systems require consistent consideration.

Particularly in regulated industries like food, pharmaceuticals and water.

Planning for future IT requirements for your automation systems doesn’t always require a crystal ball. EfficientIA can provide roadmaps and work with business to take strategic plans and help bring them to reality.

These activities protect a business investment in their automation.